Happy New Year BABY!!

Wasup ladies and getleman!!!!

I can´t believe it´s 2009 ín just  3 days holly makaroni!!
 And I who used to think that the world was going to end in 2007 when i was young ..hehehe (dont ask why or

You wana know what i have been upto lately:  I have been just chillin out and taking it easy and most important sleeping.  That is my favorite part of this vocation ..i bet is yours too ;) The other things that i have been upto is bein out more and just hang out with my old friends and ofcourse PARTYING is in the list ..DUHH!!!

And last but not least i have been shopping ..big time since its MELLANDAGS REA.  I have been in all butiks and took atleast one thing in each of butik. The only thing that iam left to buy a pair or 4 pairs of shoes and a  dress for new years party

Why wasnt Gossip Girl on Sunday ?!?!
Did they move it to another day?!?! ..I gotta know!!!

Merry X.mas to all of you <33


Idag började jag skolan vid 10:35 o slutade vid 12:30 (Yahoooo!!!!). Idag hade vi bara 2 ämnen o de va matte o engelska. Jag satt kvar i skolan för att göra klart min Samhälls läxa tillsammans med en kompis, medan jag väntade på en kompis som skulle slutar vid 12: 20. När hon slutade gick vi till kupolen o gjorde lite "window shopping".


Have you ever wonder on how many strangers have pictures of you?

Lucas ( from One Tree Hill)

 You ever look a picture of yourself, and see a stranger in the background?. It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in. Were we a part of someone's life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died. Did we keep trying to get in? As if we were somehow destined to be there or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone elses life, and not even know it.

Holidays ..Oyeah, Oyeah!!

Hej Allihopa!!
It feels like forever since i was blogging. The thing is that i have been  super busy this month with school and all them homeworks and all them exmas !! And the funny part (or not soo funny) is that this classmates friend of mine asked one of our teachers why they all (our teachers) all of a sudden decided to give us so much to do within the past 3weeks. This is what the teacher unswered her  It because they  want to see how we (the students) can handle stress and i was like WTF !!!...that´s some bullshit talking!!!  

Anywho, thank God that the LA TORTURA is over now. I am finally free from school (atleast fot some couple of weeks!)  Iam thinking of celebrating my freedom long and long hours of sleep everyday from today, a little menicure and pedicure and last but not least A massage (ooo baby ..)

The only left thing to do this week is to buy christmas presents for my family and friends. I dont even dare to saying that loud coz most of my friends are done with xmas shopping and they´ll be like u havent start what?!?! ..WHAT ?!?! WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?!  hehe

(this is how iam going to be looking in some afterschool when i go shopping, since iam going to be shopping things for not only 2-3 people but to 11 !!!! ...p.s iam ending school around 12 in the morning today ..YAHOO!!! )

Idol 2008 är KEVIN!!!

Kevin Borg. Foto: Daniel Ohlsson/TV4

Jag kan inte beskriva hur glad jag är av att Kevin har just vann Idol 2008!!
Asså. jag tyckte att både han och Alice var jätte duktig idag. From the time Kevin sang his new hit " With every bit of me"  det var då jag visste eller kände den inom mig att han skulle vinna  My insticts were right !!!

Just nu så tittar jag på " Welcome to America" Den är assrolig. Jag tror att den här är min femte gång jag tittar på den här filimen. I just can´t get enough of this movie !!

( I can not describe how glad and excited Iam for Kevin for winning Sweden Idol 2008!! 
I thought both him and Alice performed really good today. I know this is going to sound like "Yeah right"  but from the moment Kevin started singing his new hit "With every bit of me"  he was soo good that i got  Gosebumps while he was singing and in that moment sumthin on my mind i was like "he soo winning this shiiiet "
  and it looks like i was right " Hell to the yeah!

Right now, Iam just chilling out and watching "Welcome to America"  I think this is my fifth time I look at this filimen. I just can not get enough of it ! )

Who is it goin to be..Alice or Kevin

Just nu tittar jag på Idol final!!!!
Det är svart att säga om jag vill att Alice eller Kevin som ska vinna för att jag ÄLSKAR både de ..
Hmm ..am going to find out soon !!! CANT WAIT!!

Kevin och Alice Foto: Daniel Ohlsson/TV4

What does ur name mean?!

Yesterday when i was surfing online i found this Quiz or whatever it is on one of my online friend page  and i thought this have to go on my blog hehehe.

Anyways this is what my name means

Y= I make every experience great! (true)
O= I love foreplay (?)
L= I always make other people smile when i smile (true)
L= I always make other people smile when i smile (true)
A= Iam a HOTTIE (true)
N= My sex is unforgetable (??)
D= I have trouble trusting people (so true)
E= Iam popular with all types of people (true)

/Iam as hot as a Chilli Pepper..hihi, i didnt know that  8-) /

Nu är det din tur
Now its ur turn

Vad betyder ditt namn?
(What does your name mean? )

B : You are always fun when it comes to meeting new people
C : youre wild and crazy
D : You have trouble trusting people
E : You are popular with all types of people
F : People totally adore you
G : You are very friendly and undestanding
H : You have very good personality and looks
I : Love is something you deeply believe in
J : Everyone loves you
K : You like to try new things
L : You always make other people smile when you smile
M : Success comes easily to you
N : your sex is unforgetable
O : You love foreplay
P : You are very friendly and understanding
Q : You are a hypocrite
R : You are beautiful, and sexy
S : People think you are so sexy
T : You are one of the best in bed
U : You are really chill
V : You are not judgemental
W : You are very broad minded
X : You never let people tell you what to do
Y : you make every experience great
Z : You're Super cool

Läman en kommentar och säga till om du tycker att det stämmer eller inte
(Live a comment saying if ur agree or disagree on what u find about your name ;)

Alvin And The Chipmunks X-mas song- Hula Hoop

Jag älskar den här låt
/ i love this Hula Hoop song.

Hula Hoop

Please Dont stop the Music!

Idag var jag såå SKIIIT  nära att vara försent  My new habit  från idrott.  But lucky me min idrott lärare brukar ALLTID komma försent så det gick bra :D. Efter skolan åkte jag direkt hem  för att not onli do i have 1 or 2 or 3 but 5 läxor som jag måste göra klart förr jullovet (God help me!!)  som t ex jag måste plugga inför Naturs och matte prov som jag kommer ha nästa  Really fun ...NOT!!! 

Chris Brown  a.k.a Chris Brizoo<3333

Chris Brown My baby  is bringing sexy back! . Den 23 januari kommer han att  uppträda på Hovet i Stockholm. Tänk om biljeterna har redan tagit slut   Nej yollande, stop thinking like that!!1 (cross fingers)
Iallfall who want to join me to his koncert?!?!  ...Anyone?!?!

Jag vill ha en av de här läckra klänningar till jul  ..
/ I want to wear one of this dresses in chrismas ../
Duke & Dutchess Pleat Satin DressASOS Sequin Overlay Bubble Hem Dress

Och en av de här gorgeous skor
and one of this shoes and have them together with the dress
ASOS Frill Detail Platform T-Bar SandalsL.A.M.B Round Toe Heeled Shoes

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