Just want to wish you all a happy new year and wish you all the best!!! Hope 2011 is going to bring much joy and happiness in your lives! Mhwuuah!

Home alone with my little sister


This time is permenantly. Well ...not until i leave for China this January the 7th ...yeeeey~! What an awesome way to start 2011, if you ask me ~!

I don´t know why but I am starting to get butterflies all over my body because of this trip. That´s a good sigh, right? and thank goodness that we (as in me and my classmates) are going there with our chinese teacher who I feel a little sorry for because out of the people who are going to China, she is the only one that can speak chinese. You can only imagine how much work she is going to have when we get there. Poor thing -.-

Well well, I am going to go and watch more Disney channel with my little sister.
Later guys!! :D

Christmas is the most amazing time of the year!!

Don´t you just love Christmas? When the streets are decorated, lights are everywhere, the smell of delicious christmas food and tree coming on your way, when it´s cold and snowing outside, while it is cozy and warm inside? I know ido!!!

All my christmases during the past years have all been about being with my family and friends, opening presents, listening to good classic christmas songs and eating alot of delicious food that my mum never fail at cooking each and every year. This are some of the things that I am looking forward this year. I hope you all are going to ahave an amazing christmas eve with your families, friends or maybe even with strangers. Who knows? As  long as you are going to have fun, thats all that matters~

Pictures are from weheartit and google

Hope you guys got everything you wished for? I DID!!

Hugs and Kiss
Moi~ <3

Guess where I am gonna be in Janaury?

This is a picture of me and my sister last year

In China ya´ll! :D

I got my passport from the China embassy yesterday, wohooo!! :D
This means that they are letting little me to go and exploire their country. hihi^^ I guess it is time for me to get the injection (can´t remember what it is callled), start packing even though the trip is in like a month. I know it is a little bit too early to start packing but this time my plan is to avoid packing everything the last minute like I did when I went to California a couple of weeks ago. 

Gaaaah, I can´t wait!!!! :D

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