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haaj stockholm,  ligger i sängen och tittar på jersey shore, hihi :)

det är skkittrååkigt väder och vi väntar på att det ska bli kväll, sen fixa oss
och sen gå ut, skiiit trååkigt väder är det. JAG ÄR HUNGRIG!! Vi tänker äta nu och sen börjar fix oss. Sen blir det PARTY TIME, Oh Yeah!!! ;)

The forbidden street

Jag igår


Have I mensioned about this friend of mine from Malmö who was supposed to visit me this week? Well if i havent then iam doing it right now. haha. She arrived here at my place yesterday. I went to pick her up at Stockholm centrum. When we arrived at my place we cooked some delicious food, had a one on one since it was a long time we had seen each other. After our one on we decided to hit the bed since we were both tired.

Today we are thinking of going back in town and some shopping. One of our favorite things to do,haha :D I´ll update you guys later when we get back and post the rest of the pictures that i took yesterday and today. See ya´ll later


My anxiety is killing me

picture: weheartit

This whole thing about having a vacation. It not going as smooth as I hoped it would I must say. I try to convince myself to rest. And let it go. But damn how hard it is to just be. Doing nothing. Every night I go to bed I am so filled with anxiety cause I feel I lost another day because I didn’t work. Or study. Or read more. Just because I only cooked. Cleaned like one of those housewives. Met my friends. Went Shopping. . Had a coffee in town. Went to the beach. Or just simply stayed home and watched movies all day long. Why is it so hard to relax? I read the news everyday (and Magazines as well) and I see all this success. People who started this great company. Or won a talent contests. Or got their dream job. And it stresses me up. Cause I don’t have that success. Yet. I am just sitting here. Trying my best to not do anything at all right now. To let both my body and soul rest. But I am so bad at that. I simply don’t know how to make that function. How much I try to convince myself that I need this. Instead my mind is full of ideas and hopes that got mixed with a big doze of stress and anxiety.


Lucifer - SHINee

"OMFG!!!!"  Those were the first words that came from my mouth when i watched SHINees new music video. Men, they look different. Especially Key!! He shocked me the most, hehe. And Taemin could not look more girly than this. He kind of remind me little bit of Kim Heechul a couple of years ago ..hmm:/ 

But somehow their new look suit them. The more i watch their mv, the more they look good. haha. Other than that, i like their new song! What do you guys think?

You gotta love them

 I know these shoes are out of fashion and season but shiet the same. I am still in love  in them! Matter of fact I am thinking of ordering them and make them mine before school starts. The question is where am I going to get them? The last time i checked, modekungen had a couple of pairs left. Am going to check their website now and see if i can get a pair for myself. Now;)

She always say the right thing at the right time

Hat: New Yorker

Linne: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Black and white is the Sh!t

Mina designade sko på NELLY.COM

Hjälp mig att vinna, rösta på mina skor här!

Hyuna - Change

One boring day

I dont know why but I am really REALLY tired today! It feels like iam going to be sick soon since both my neck eyes,shoulder and practically every part of my body heart! I hope that iam not on my way of getting sick coz i am working next week the whole  week and gettin sick is definately not going to help me. Aaaaarrgg, this is not good!! :/

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