Blogging from China!

Hi guys~

I hope that you are all doing well like I am doing here in China (n_n) 
At the moment me and host sister are listening to music while playing with cutsey smileys and traying to come up with good ones ...hehehehe~ (o_O) I think we are going to bed soon ...I am not sure ...heh ...we`ll see (^_~) I`ll be posting more when I get back in Sweden(>.<) 

P.s It is a little bit warmer here than there. It is 0 minus degrees here ..Muhahaha *|*

Last summers picture

Just another normal day

Today I had an amazing relaxing day with my good friend Emma.
I started my day with a hot cup of tea then headed to Emmas place where we watched a couple of movies and tv shows. The tv show "Lie to me" was my favorite! I am actually planning to order it so I can watch all epi when I get back from China :)

My favorite part of the day was when we made our own "serious"video dancing like normal peeps ..haha~ :)

Breaking point - Keri Hilson

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