SHINEE - Sneak pics from HALLO MV

It feels like forever since i posted something about my pretty boys ~Shinee~ <3 I don´t know if you guys can see the whole remakeover that Taemin and Key are rockin from these pics comparing with their latest Mv ~Lucifer~

They shortened Taemins hair, Keys side hair has grown his right side hair back (Yey! ^^) and lastly Jonhyun has a new hair colour. Me likey! ;)

I like the whole  dreamy, colourful and neighbourhood feeling that their new ~Hello MV~ have. Their new single is soo touchy n cute (or whatever it is called) that I think I have been listening to it for 100000 times so far ..hihi^^

Guess which song I am listening to at this min Iam typing? The song start with a H ..;)

U-Kiss - Shut up MV



The cutest thing ever!! I wonder if that´s TaeYangs son ..?

Seungri - Strong baby MV

Lucifer - SHINee

"OMFG!!!!"  Those were the first words that came from my mouth when i watched SHINees new music video. Men, they look different. Especially Key!! He shocked me the most, hehe. And Taemin could not look more girly than this. He kind of remind me little bit of Kim Heechul a couple of years ago ..hmm:/ 

But somehow their new look suit them. The more i watch their mv, the more they look good. haha. Other than that, i like their new song! What do you guys think?

Jokwons funny SK cuts

Jokwons (one of 2am member) is just AWESOME!!!
His personality is just unbelievable. Not forgetting is fluent english which is just superb though nobody understand it hehe

What time is it?

It´s time for moi to go and sleep now. I hope that you guys had a great day today. See yall in the morning :D
Goodnight and sweetdreams from me and siwon :D

Det här visste inte du om Siwon oppa

]Today i found new facts about Siwon oppa

Did you know that Choi Siwon oppa is the first Korean artist to be on Chinese postage stamps and also the youngest in Korea to hold 4th rank in the black belt when it comes to Taekwando.

Siwon - Can You Feel The Love Tonight


Tae Yang-Ma girl concert

This is TaeYangs sexy concert. He is soo hot and soo good at dancing !!!!

Super Junior learning english

                             HAHAHAHAHA, Va rolig de är!!

Det här visste inte ni om Siwon ..

Choi Si Won

Att han är bara 22 år oxh att hans smeknamn är Simba, vilket i mitt modersmål betyder Lion.


That he is only 22years old and his nickname is Simba which in Swahili means Lion. I wonder why they call him that ..?
I bet it because he is strong and really quick

Lee Min Ho

Here are some of Lee Min Ho pictures. One of F4 guys from Boys over flowers korean tv serien

Va sött han är!

Korean actor Lee Min-ho

~~miu miu~~

Kim Kibum oppa <3

Kim Kibum is one of the Super Juniors member

Idag hade jag jätte kul med yvette här hemma hos mig. Jag lyckades att jag göra nåt idag. Vill ni veta vad det är för nåt? Jag lyckade att göra Yvette blir kär i koreanska/kines killar. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!. Me is very vereery proud, haha :D

Usch nu orkar inte jag skriva. Iam too tired for this sh**t. Ska gå och lägga mig nu. Hoppas att ni har haft det trevligt idag. Gdnatt mina söta läsare <3

Love letter

Idag har jag och yvette tittaT på Love letter på youtube typ hela dag, HAHA. Annars, så har jag inte gjort mycket idag vilket känns AWESOME!  Love letter är eller var en jätte känt koreansk tv-show som sändes under 2003-6 eller 2007 jag är inte säker.

Jag tänker berätta om hur man spela den sen. Until then, herre is are some of my favorite clips from the show.

Brian och Chun Myung Hoon (de som håller på att prata engelska)  

I dont´t know about you but I love how koreans (or any asian) people try to speak english. I think it's really cute with heavy accent... >_<

Brian (the one who is speakin perfect english <3) sounds hot and mature wen he speaks english!! omg.. can he not be cute? adorable!! Saranghae Brian<3

Kim Bum Oppa<3

pp09020200021.jpg image by cinthia-gab

Kimbum Oppa is the cutest thing ever!!
Saranghae <3

Choi Si Won oppa!

Choi Si Won Biography

Choi Si Won is best known as a member of the Korean pop group, Super Junior <3. Not only is he a good musician, Choi Si Won gained fame and popularity because of his good looks, his acting and many female fans. His looks also granted him acting roles in Korean dramas such as Spring Waltz.

His rise to stardom came when an SM scout saw him at the front gates of a High School in 2002. He then signed with SM Entertainment and made his debut in the music video for Dana's "What is Love." Although he was originally supposed to be included in the boy band TVXQ, SM decided that he would join Super Junior instead.

Below his interview from Korea Men's Health magazine :
I think women need to be understood and protected.

I think men should
be strong, but weak.

If I were to list money, love, and success in order: Love, Success, Money

Favorite perfume: Many, because he likes perfume

I would be happiest if only I had this! At this time, personal time and space

The thing I worry about most is: My self-confidence. ( How can I become a good son, as well as a good father? )

The thing that makes me most mad is:
when I lose to my confidence.

When I start a new thing, I: Always start with a prayer.

miu miu >_<

Saranghaeyo Si Won oppa!!

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