SHINEE - Sneak pics from HALLO MV

It feels like forever since i posted something about my pretty boys ~Shinee~ <3 I don´t know if you guys can see the whole remakeover that Taemin and Key are rockin from these pics comparing with their latest Mv ~Lucifer~

They shortened Taemins hair, Keys side hair has grown his right side hair back (Yey! ^^) and lastly Jonhyun has a new hair colour. Me likey! ;)

I like the whole  dreamy, colourful and neighbourhood feeling that their new ~Hello MV~ have. Their new single is soo touchy n cute (or whatever it is called) that I think I have been listening to it for 100000 times so far ..hihi^^

Guess which song I am listening to at this min Iam typing? The song start with a H ..;)

Postat av: Smsa Låna

Kul att du bloggar! Fortsätt så :D

2011-07-19 @ 18:23:07
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