What the is wrong with busses nowadays?!!?!?!?!

I was 30sec late for God sake, but that bloody old man still left me there !!!
Stupid  ***** ***** **** **** old man!!!
Thanks to him, i had to stand at the buss station for 35min in this coldness !!

Uschh ....

LOOKBOOK fav outfit

Does anyone knows where i can buy this topp

Iam very much digging her outfit!!!!


Goodmorning everyone!!

I hope that you all an interesting night like i did yesterday.
Yeaterday, I dreamt tha i was in a jacuzzi with full of money ..u know what this means right?
This means that Iam going to be rich this summer ,....AWESOME!

p.s my pc is working again ..YEEEY!

Leave Britney ALONE!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  ..this dude is fucked up
We get it that you like britney .. but PLEASE!
You are just too much!!!!!

OMFG Justin timberlake is dancing with heels on!

Go Justin, shake that booty ..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

Borlänge= Live long :D

Hey bloggers!
Sup peeps, everything aiight ?!  ;)
This week has been a pain in the ass with lods of homeworks every freakin day that my head is going to explore
soon ..but looking on the bright side, we have this social studies asseinment that we are going to talk about Europe and on how Sweden is as a country know, shit like that. 

Anyways our social studies teacher divided my class in 3-5 groups (am not sure :/ ) and each group is going to talk a lil bit about those two subjects( on how swedish people live) to the Americans pupils thats are going to visit us. AWESOME right ? :D  My group is going to talk about Borlänge (YES !) and guess what iam going to talk about, about borlänge?
TANTANTANTAAAA!! ......Am going to talk about Kupolen  (YES!) and about borlänges paper factory (BLÄÄ). Iam very much looking forward on doing this and praying that i wont freez like the last time when i was standing infront of my class trying to speak out, but never did because of my nervosity :S
Any tips on that one? :/

HuGs <3

City Style

Hey everyone!!!
How are you all doing tofay? ..I hope yall doing better than iam ;)

Whats happening today at my crib?
Nothing much really. Iam just thinking of watching How i met your mother and 2 and a half men when i get home  and then study for Spanish and Geo/Science exam. Wish my luck peeps ;)
PeAcE yAlL<3


Heya ppl!!

Just wanted to let yall know that my pc (laptop) is fucked up at the moment which means that i cant really blogg nor do shit with it at the moment. I have been traying to fix it, but since iam soo good with fixing computers YEAH RIGHT! I havent succeded like i hoped so :S ..WHAT A BUMMER

This is a poem that i wrote when my pc didnt want to work
Why are you abandoning me you son of a machine!
I could have known that you were going to do this to me you son a machine
I hate you soo much ... (Iam just kidding ..I NEED YOU!! ..Please work you son of a machine!!! )

What do you think of my fantastic poem people? ;)

Today I saw something funny when i was going to school in the morning ...h3h3h3h3h3h3
Haven´t you ever find it hilirious seeing a 50 years old and over woman/man texting. She was really focused, that you´ll think that she is operating someone with her eyes closed or something ..hehehehe

Holly CRAP i gotta go if i dont wana miss the buss.
Au revoir <3

p.s Iam using my school library pc ;)

2 and a half men

Have you eve love somebody so much it makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad you can´t sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words but they won´t come around
Have you ever? Have you EVER?

What a boring day i have had today. I have done like ..hmm...NOTHING!!. I have been like studying and watched 2 and half men. HAHAHAHAHA . 2 and a half men is the shit. It makes me laugh till my stomach hurt. Buy just thinking of the serie makes me laugh  :D

I love this show! It's an amazing mix of dirty humour and amusing 'real life' situations. It's very enjoyable for a laugh and some fun!

The entire show appears to be dedicated to making the audience laugh at the character's dilemmas and it is very amusing to see how everyone's situation entwines and makes into a large but hilarious plot!

The entire cast is very amusing and their voices, attitudes, appearances and body language portray their characters to their full potential.

Whos is your favorite character?
1. Mine is Berta. I just can´t get enough of her!

Anyways Iam thinking of hitting the bed since i got school tommorow.
Later yall !! <3

Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Vilken skön låt asså. Det går inte att sluta lyssnar på den.
Good work Soulja Boy and Sammie
Rost for me ..thumps up, that is ;)

Hahaha ..poor thing !

HAHAHAHA ...poor thing. That was soo mean and soo anproffesional. Watch this vedeo and you´ll understand what am talking about

Random shit

The sun was shining today for  the very first time in a long time!
It felt soo good today to wake up in  the morning and feel the sun on my cheek throw the window. It was ridiculous!!
I hope the sun will keep on shining because iam startng to go crazy with this bloody winter!! ..who is wiith me?!

Did anyone watch Gossip Girl today?
OMG ..poor Chuck :S. Iam curios on what Chucks is thinking of doing with Dans family, since he thinks that they are the ones who has killed his dad. I hope he just don´t do any harm to my beloved Dan Humpfrey

Now iam just sitting here doing my homeworks while having a cup of tea with Mandazi ..MUMS!!

My Dream Phone <3

Iam longing for that day that i´ll have you in my hands
Which one do yall think is the cutest?


Good afternoon Yall!!

I just wanted to throw one of my brother and sisters live consert show.
As you all know (or maybe not), My family is a big enterntainment family.

It´s all started with my father who was this big photographer in the 80s. He was well known in my country.
My mum used to have her own band with 5 more girls and she used to be the leading singer.  She ones told me that her band were so popular that they used to travel around in my country and do shows. But the band had to break up because she felt that it was time for her to chill out and do something else. That´s how she started designing clothes instead.

Enough about my parents now, I guess you can say that this runthis runs in the family.

Artist: Alicios and Bienfait
Song title: Crazy

Hur du kan få fler besökare!!

Hur ökar man marknadsvärdet på sin blogg? Hur blir man en storbloggare?

För att få vara en storbloggare, kräv det för dig att ha gänska många besökare så att du kan hämna upp på diverse olika listor som andra bloggare läsare, och på så sätt kan man få ytterligare fler besökare till sin blogg.

Jag har hittat en sida som kan hjälpa dig att få fler besökare till din hemsida eller blogg helt gratis. Det hela går ut på att bli medlem på Viraltrafik och sedan värva andra som blir medlemmar.När man själv blir medlem, så måste man besöka sju andra sidor, varav sex är andra medlemmar (bloggare oftast). Den sista är en sponsorsida.

För varje sida du besöker, får du en kod som du ska ange, och när du har besökt alla sidor, så kan du bli medlem.

Det hela tar cirka 1 minut att göra.

När du själv sen värvar en medlem, så hamnar du i listan över den medlemens sex hemsidor som nästa medlem måste besöka.

Det hela är lite av ett pyramidsystem, och det funkar faktiskt jäkligtbra, och är helt och hållet gratis. Det enda det kostar är några minuters tid för att registrera dig och skriva ett inlägg för att själv värva lite folk.

Rent teoretiskt, så kan man få ihop en miljon besökare, men då ska man verkligen lyckas med sina värvningar. Men om man får några tusen besökare, så är det värt mycket bara det.

Om du vill testa det hela, bli medlem här då: Bli medlem

Easy Buren model that can be linked and worn in several ways!


I gotta buy this dress. I mean look at it! It is a perfect dress for summer beach, party, shopping, dinner and much more and the best part is that it´s only kost 149kr at Halens !!!!

Are you kidding me!?!

Good afternoon everyone out there!!

I have a guest at the moment tha i wasn´t expecting to see today or ever!

Whos is the guess?
It is  this guy that i ment on new year that was stalking me and following me everywhere and couldnt stop staring at me all the freaking time .. uuuussscchhh . And now he is at my place ..ewww
The thing is that his mum and my mum are friends and since he is new here in Sweden, my mum wanted to be friendly andto invite them to our place for dinner  and the thing is that my doesnt know the "him stalking me part"  so she is expecting me to be friendly and shiet like that ..  (me dont want nor feel like it!!!)

About him
He is this 25-30  years old dude, 1,90 cm tall and soO big that i look like an insect when iam besides him and the weirdest thing is that he gave me "the look". You know, the kinda " Iam still waiting for u"  look
Run Yollande ...RUUUUUUUNNNN!!

How to diss him ..

Have you ever been to a party or out shopping or just hanging out with your friends and all of a sudden this guy come from nowhere and throw this cheesy line  at you and you dont know how to answer him or make him go away? ..well it has happened to me. What  am going to do on my new category on How to diss him is that Iam going to try and come up with answers on how you can make that dude go away and never come back and get some tips from Fredrick Backman from the Vecko Revyn.

He says: nice dress you have, it would fit well on my bedroom floor
You unswer him:
  good body you have, it will fit well in the trunk of my boy friend's car

Han säger: "Snygg klänning du har, den hade passat utmärkt på mitt sovrumsgolv"
Du svara: "Snygg kropp du har, den kommer passa utmärkt i bakluckan på min pojkväns bil"

5 things you dont know about me

1. Listen to Korean, China and Japans music.RnB that is. I also watch their tv dramas and watch movies from there. I think that they are really funny and cute! .no matter what Alice say :P (my sister, that is)

2. I might be 17 years old, but i still watch cartoons, such as The Simpson, Power puff girls and many more

3. I know that i always say that iam an RnB and hiphop girl, but iam kind of standing to dig Rock music too. My favorites rock bands are Green Days, The Chemical romans and ...i can´t come up with anything ...

4. I eat rise with fried eggs sometimes

5. I can put both of my legs behind my neck and stand with my hands instead ;)

This weeks cake

I would LOVE to have this cake on my birthday!!!
I wonder how long it took for the person who baked and decoratd it .. BRAVO!!!

The Hills season 5 trailer

I can´t wait for The Hills season 5 to come out so i can see how Heidi is going to dump Spencers ass( HAAAALEEELUUYAAAHH!! ) and much more.
Who is with me?! ....anyone !?

Milk Contest

Jag och Emma hade Milk contest av vem som kan dricka mjölk snabbast

och gissa vem som vann ...

Dandanda daaaan ...PETIT MOI!!!!


That somebody is me ..

(On of my favorite Enrique Englesias lyrics)

Somebody love you..
Somebody need you..
Somebody dreams about every single night..
Somebody can´t breath, without you is lonely
Somebody hopes that someday you´ll see ...
That somebody is me

Taking The Stage

OMG, OMG, OMG!! I have found my dream show!

Yeterday when I was watching the city at, i saw that there  was this new dancing show that´s going to very soon at The show is called Taking The Stage.

The first thing that poped out of my mind when I was watching the trailer was the Stomp The Yard.
The show is exactly the same as the Stomp The Yard movie.
It´s about  this school in USA called  Cincinnati's which is a School for Creative and Performing Arts. Where talented kids must addition to get in and only the best are excepted.

These are the faces that your going to be seeing
Is a hip hop dancer
Jasmine: Is the Ballerina
Malik: Ia a Choreographer
Shaakira: The Dncer
Mia: Is the songwriter

Shaakira, Malik, Jasmine, Tyler and Mia.
Shaakira, Malik, Jasmine, Tyler ( <33) and last but not least Mia


Why is it still Snowing !!!

Hey people!!

I havent done much since i woke up, which was 2 hours ago. I feel soo god and fresh (though i need to hit the shower). I mean, I just wish that we could start school at around 9 ot 10 in the morning every Monday-Friday. Wouldnt that be GRAT!!

I havent been doing much lately since on friday. Well, except from watching is the best. It is way, way way better than
Why? because it have the latest MTV shows that doesnt even´have like for example:
The City:
Daddys Girl:
Rev. Run's tight-knit girls

Nominated for a 2008 Teen Choice Award for his role on The Hills, Brody Jenner is more than just a handsome face; he's a talented entertainer, a budding entrepreneur and a lover of all things luxurious.

Americans Best Dance Crew. You can watch all the episodes till final!!! and much more!!!

And ofcourse, I have been studying. I have so much to do that i dont know where to start .. usch
Gotta continue studyin now.
Peace out <3

Bad Company

Iam at the moment watching Bad Company. It´s a really good movie and it have just started on kanal 5 it

It´s time for me

Clean my room. Trust me dont want to be in my room right now. It is soo messy that you´ll think that it´s Jessica Simpson house that time when she was having Laundries crisis ..

This is not my room, but the messyness is the same ..hehehe

Sven/ engelska
...Well i better start cleaning now so that i can hinna med pluggning and do something fun afterwards.
Bye for now <2

This weeks creative Cakes! :D

Since Iam cake lover, i sometimes surf online and search for the most creatives cakes out there and share them with all yall. Which one do you think is the best? / Vilken av 2 2 läckra tårtor tycker ni att är bäst?

You can find more creative cakes at

No You Cant Read My Pocker Face ;)

Idag blir det mindre tv och mer pluggning istället, för att jag har Samhällsprov på torsdag vilken jag är inte FÖRBERED inför den!! ..Iam fucked up big time!

OMFG Chris Brown och Rihanna är tillsammans igen!

OMG! Rihanna och Chris Brown är tillsammans igen!

I have just read at that Chris Brown,19 and Rihanna,20, have gotten back together just after what Chris Brown did to Riri 3 weeks ago!!

"They're together again. They care for each other," says the The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island after Chris Brown called Riri at her 21st birthday wishing her a Happy Birthday
Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Back Together| Chris Brown, Rihanna

They say that : "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."

Iam a Chris Browns biggest fan ever, but what he did to Rihanna it is so not acceptable. So i think that Rihanna is sick for giving him a second chance. I mean there is a big chance that he is going to this again because i heard that this wasn´t the first time he heat her.

You deserve better Rihanna!!!
Or what do you guys think?

3S leder till IG

Me and my school friends talking

3S leder till IG
Yollande: Vadå? Vad menar du?
Antonia: Skolka + Slappa + Strunta i allt = IG
Jag, Madde och Carlo: Jaha..HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA .. nice one ;)

Am Back!

What it feels good to be back :D:D

To take a nap on my bed,

My stockholm vocation didn´t really go the way i wanted it to, but it was OK. 

I couldn´t blogg yesterday coz I was at this african consert in stockholm that my brother, ma sis and some 3 other more african artists that performed at Alvic. It was really fun, though we all now what happen when people start getting tipsy ..they go CRAZY.

O yeah i got to meet 2 other bloggers there ...that was kinda cool too :D
Am going to drop in a video that my sisters friend took at the show next week or sumthin


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