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Seriously, what happened to my blogg?!?!

Before i used to be so active but nowadays my blogg is soo lame. Seriously. I remember last year i used to update 4 to 10 times a day but nowadays, i can barely write 2 update per day. WTF is up with that!!! What i think i need is some inspiration, time and mostly my camera.

Anywho, here is a little update of what i have been upto for the past 2weeks now. So far all I have been doing since i came back to Darlana is go to school, to the mall and party now and then with my girls. That´s about it. But i´ll try to improve myself. I ain´t promising anything though

Postat av: Nicklas

Sv: haha ja jag har faktiskt tänkt att köra en sån, dom ser så mysiga ut fast dom är dyra :)

2010-09-12 @ 13:07:52

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