Here is the key to my heart

Here is the key to my heart
But before you take it ..

Are you willing to respect it?
Protect it?
Take it as it is?
As strange, funny, corny, annoying, quite, talkative and understood as it is?
Keep it healthy and beating as it supposed to?
Always be there when it stop beating and longing for your attension?
Cherish it?
Make it a part of you?
Put it in a safe place in your heart?

Because Iam willing to do all this and much more to get the key of your heart

Written by
: Me

Postat av: Aspen

That's so beautiful. :) You really wrote that? <3

2010-11-17 @ 19:47:46
Postat av: Michelle

hittade nyss din blogg. Love it! :)

2010-11-25 @ 16:52:19

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