I wonder how my life would look like without you in it

Wow, it feels like forever since i updated my blogg. I have been so busy with school and traying to keep myself healthy that I have completely shut everything in my life down. Like blogging for instant and being with my family and friends. Not good at all. This is why I am going to take this apportunity now that we have one week break from school ...well, it more like one week break of staying at home and do ALOT of homeworks. I get goosebumps just thinking about it ..usch.

Looking on the bright side, I am going to spend my holiday in stockholm with my family and friends! Not forgetting doing SHOPPING! and going to my favorite restaurants here in Stocholm. We´ll see if I am going to manage or have enough time to do all this things and still have time to do school works while I am here.

How have you guys been and what have you been upto? :D

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2011-03-23 @ 08:49:46
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Postat av: briggan

so beautiful

2011-05-07 @ 18:18:16
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