I miss wearing my heels :/

What a crapy day i have had today.

Today morning when I was supposed to get up so I can go to school i couldn´t. I had this aweful head ache and my body felt heavier than it usually do. Like i weighed 200kg or sumthing ...uuusch -.-

So what i did was skip school and lay there on my bed untill I got better. Which took 10 hours or sumthing -.-

Now that I am feeling a little bit better I am going to watch 1 to 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory and then hit the books or something.

Here is the key to my heart

Here is the key to my heart
But before you take it ..

Are you willing to respect it?
Protect it?
Take it as it is?
As strange, funny, corny, annoying, quite, talkative and understood as it is?
Keep it healthy and beating as it supposed to?
Always be there when it stop beating and longing for your attension?
Cherish it?
Make it a part of you?
Put it in a safe place in your heart?

Because Iam willing to do all this and much more to get the key of your heart

Written by
: Me

SHINEE - Sneak pics from HALLO MV

It feels like forever since i posted something about my pretty boys ~Shinee~ <3 I don´t know if you guys can see the whole remakeover that Taemin and Key are rockin from these pics comparing with their latest Mv ~Lucifer~

They shortened Taemins hair, Keys side hair has grown his right side hair back (Yey! ^^) and lastly Jonhyun has a new hair colour. Me likey! ;)

I like the whole  dreamy, colourful and neighbourhood feeling that their new ~Hello MV~ have. Their new single is soo touchy n cute (or whatever it is called) that I think I have been listening to it for 100000 times so far ..hihi^^

Guess which song I am listening to at this min Iam typing? The song start with a H ..;)


I adore Lanvin <3 H&M dresses!!! Too bad I cannot afford them :( But the one marked with yellow are my fav!
Do you have any fav from Lanvin <3 H&M collection?

I want something with chocolate and HOT~~

The whole time i was in history class a couple of hours ago doing the Art test all I could think of was a Hot chocolate with marshmallows<3 A tall large with little hearts and stars steaming mug of chocolate goodness topped with squishy white and pink cylinders of jet-puffed perfection. 

The goodness of the chocolate, sweet warmness melting away all your worries! 

Maybe it´s time for me to start making this damn hot chocolate before my jaw drops~
Later guys :D

I want it to stop. Make it go away. Far, far away from my sight!

Can't sleep, it's killing me

These hours are killing me

Your nagging is killing me

Killing me

F*ckin killing me

My dreams are killing me

The TV is killing me

My head is killing me

My mind is killing me

My back is killing me

These hours are killing me

Don't fucking tell me what to do, do!

Don't fucking tell me what to do and not to do, do, do, do, do!

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