I want her outfit. From head to toe coz it is simply that AWESOME!

Blogging from California, Oakdale

I am in california right now. Can you guys believe it? coz i cant! haha. \

This is an old summer picture of me somewhere in Stockholm. I thought of upploading a picture so it wont be boring to just read the text about my trip here in Oakdale, California. I am going to uppload more pictures later on. So be patient guys

I am here with my class and we are here as exchange students at Oakdale high school, California. It took us more than 24+ hours to travell from Sweden to where we are right now which is in Oakdale, California. First our first place from sweden to Chicago took 9hours, then from Chicago to San Fransico took 3 and a half hours. But because of the 2hours delaid airplane at Chicago, we got home REALLY LATE yesterday, but it was all worth it :D  At the moment I am staying at my host family (so as my classmates. To their own different host families, that is).

At the moment we are staying at this small town here in California thats called Oakdale. Which is a little town that is located in Stanislaus, County, California, approximately 15 miles northeast of modesto at the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Only 19.300 people live here and most of them that I have ment since I arrived here, which was yesterday, are very nice. Especially my host family <3

So far I have only been at school today and later on around 6 in the afternoon, we are going to have a bbq with my swedens classmates at one of Oakdale high school teachers place. Which I am looking forward to! During our time here we are going tp visit famous cities and places such as San Francisco, Carmel Mission and some other cool places that i can't remember at the moment. The best of all is that my host family are thinking of taking me to Los Angela where we are going to be staying at their beach house ..just AWESOME!! I can't wait to do all the fun things that we are going to be doing while are here!!!!!!!!!!

p.s Did i mension that it is going to be 30+ degree warm here for the whole week this week!!!
p. ss Andrea, thanks for having me at your place and making me confy. You are AWESOME! <3

Did that really happened?!?!?!

OMG, i can´t believe this happened to me. today. of all days!!
What happened to me 20min ago today is the world most embarrasing thing that can happen to someone. I know you guys dont understand what I am talking but trust, it for the best. For all you best! haha. I am thinking of watching 1 episode of this korean drama that i started watching a week ago and then go to bed. Goodnight guys <3

Hope the best party win :D

Men I hate politics! I hate the fact that i couldn´t vote this year. FUUCK!!! :/ So instead of sitting here stressing myself and watch which party is going to win or read the comment that my friends are writing on their fb status, Iam thinking of doing something else that doesn´t have anything to do with the elections and find out which parti won tomorow before i go crazy! ...



Jag orkar inte med livet!! Varför måste allting vara såå jävligt svart och jävla komplicerad. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!
Just shoot me now!!!


Since I don´t have much to blogg about today, I thought of uploading a random old picture of me eating. Höhöhö. Enjoy :D


Men these shoes are fiiiiiiine!!! DAAAAAAMN!!! I wouldn´t mind having you in my closet where all my other pairs are. haha :D

Etes-vous l'un pour moi?

Bild: weheartit

I’m just sitting here wondering what it would be like if these miles what’s separating us were just inches. But at this moment, I don’t even know if the distant really matters. There seems to be something that’s stopping me, something that’s holding me back from letting you into my life. It’s like I’m sitting in the car and you’re out there trying to reach me, the only thing that’s separating us is the car window and the locked door but something is stopping me to unlock the door and to let you in. Maybe it’s because I’m not ready yet or maybe it’s because the passengers seat is reserved for someone else ...

I skolan ...

 ...och har Historia B nu. Jag slutar vid kl 2.30. Yeeey!! :D Jag uppdatera mer när jag kommer hem
Kramis på er alla <3

My day

Seriously, what happened to my blogg?!?!

Before i used to be so active but nowadays my blogg is soo lame. Seriously. I remember last year i used to update 4 to 10 times a day but nowadays, i can barely write 2 update per day. WTF is up with that!!! What i think i need is some inspiration, time and mostly my camera.

Anywho, here is a little update of what i have been upto for the past 2weeks now. So far all I have been doing since i came back to Darlana is go to school, to the mall and party now and then with my girls. That´s about it. But i´ll try to improve myself. I ain´t promising anything though

- Vintage Virgin -

Sources: Vintage Virgin

Vintage Virgin is one of my favorite bloggs out there. I like everything about her style! Her make up, her hair, hair sence of style ...Just everything!!! If your into vintage style then i recommend you to check out her blogg for more inpiration :D

I keep dancing on my own

Pic: weheartit

Today I tried to study but didn´t go that well, so I am going to try and study tomorow since I am falling behind!!
It amazing how tired I am of school already when we just opened, haha. I don´t know whats up with me but i´ll try my best tomorrow to finish all my schoolworks for next week before i get even more work to work on when I havent even started with the old one!

I need ...

I need a camera right now!!!


The cutest thing ever!! I wonder if that´s TaeYangs son ..?

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