Blogging from California, Oakdale

I am in california right now. Can you guys believe it? coz i cant! haha. \

This is an old summer picture of me somewhere in Stockholm. I thought of upploading a picture so it wont be boring to just read the text about my trip here in Oakdale, California. I am going to uppload more pictures later on. So be patient guys

I am here with my class and we are here as exchange students at Oakdale high school, California. It took us more than 24+ hours to travell from Sweden to where we are right now which is in Oakdale, California. First our first place from sweden to Chicago took 9hours, then from Chicago to San Fransico took 3 and a half hours. But because of the 2hours delaid airplane at Chicago, we got home REALLY LATE yesterday, but it was all worth it :D  At the moment I am staying at my host family (so as my classmates. To their own different host families, that is).

At the moment we are staying at this small town here in California thats called Oakdale. Which is a little town that is located in Stanislaus, County, California, approximately 15 miles northeast of modesto at the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Only 19.300 people live here and most of them that I have ment since I arrived here, which was yesterday, are very nice. Especially my host family <3

So far I have only been at school today and later on around 6 in the afternoon, we are going to have a bbq with my swedens classmates at one of Oakdale high school teachers place. Which I am looking forward to! During our time here we are going tp visit famous cities and places such as San Francisco, Carmel Mission and some other cool places that i can't remember at the moment. The best of all is that my host family are thinking of taking me to Los Angela where we are going to be staying at their beach house ..just AWESOME!! I can't wait to do all the fun things that we are going to be doing while are here!!!!!!!!!!

p.s Did i mension that it is going to be 30+ degree warm here for the whole week this week!!!
p. ss Andrea, thanks for having me at your place and making me confy. You are AWESOME! <3

Postat av: Zoe

Yollande, right now, you can say,.

"I dont really like you!!"

so so unfair "/

Lite väl avis (a)

2010-10-05 @ 18:33:22
Postat av: xayal

YOU'RE AWESOME, and i love your style (L)

2010-11-01 @ 18:58:12

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