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I am at home right now. Well, it´s my friends place but anywhos...I am sitting in the sittingroom watching tv while watching Robyns live performances on youtube. I think I am inlove with Robyns music, style, her energy on stage and just about everything about her.

I should be in bed right now but I ain´t.
Why do I have a feeling that I am going to hate my decision of staying up till 2:20 tomorrow morning when I have to live my warm cozy bed ..

Postat av: IVANTRIP

Sv: thankyou!thankyou!thankyou! Your words really warm...

aah, lot of inspiration on top! :)

2011-06-19 @ 16:54:38
URL: http://ivantrip.blogg.se/
Postat av: Yessica Evertsson

just love it!

2011-11-01 @ 14:29:12
URL: http://lejfashion.blogg.se/

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