The forbidden street

Jag igår


Have I mensioned about this friend of mine from Malmö who was supposed to visit me this week? Well if i havent then iam doing it right now. haha. She arrived here at my place yesterday. I went to pick her up at Stockholm centrum. When we arrived at my place we cooked some delicious food, had a one on one since it was a long time we had seen each other. After our one on we decided to hit the bed since we were both tired.

Today we are thinking of going back in town and some shopping. One of our favorite things to do,haha :D I´ll update you guys later when we get back and post the rest of the pictures that i took yesterday and today. See ya´ll later


Postat av: BabyMamaDrama - by Caroline

tack för dina fina ord :)

hoppas du har en bra dag

2010-07-31 @ 15:59:35

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