Guess where I am gonna be in Janaury?

This is a picture of me and my sister last year

In China ya´ll! :D

I got my passport from the China embassy yesterday, wohooo!! :D
This means that they are letting little me to go and exploire their country. hihi^^ I guess it is time for me to get the injection (can´t remember what it is callled), start packing even though the trip is in like a month. I know it is a little bit too early to start packing but this time my plan is to avoid packing everything the last minute like I did when I went to California a couple of weeks ago. 

Gaaaah, I can´t wait!!!! :D

Postat av: Amanda

Hej! You are sooo sweet! Thank you for all the nice compliments! :) I have made my bloggdesign all by myself, have a nice day!! :)

2010-12-02 @ 19:43:09
Postat av: Amanda

Thanks! Yes i did actually! :) Manchesterpants (vet ej hur det stavas) hehe i think it can be really nice those days. :) <3

2010-12-02 @ 21:06:22
Postat av: Merya

China is a good place, I wish you have a pleasant journey.

2010-12-10 @ 07:55:20
Postat av: jessi

hello sweettiii!

Tack så mycket! jag gillar den på fingret också:-)!! ska göra den sen :-D!!

thanks hun! min kusin har gjort den :-D

2010-12-17 @ 13:30:06

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