I wish I could hold you now..

All pictures are taken by me and my little sister who happened to be 5 years old. Impressive, huh! Don´t we just look adorable together <3 The pictures were taken late in june

OMG!!! I can´t believe i missed school today. The thing is, yesterday when i went to bed i had my alarm on plus told my firend to wake me up since she is one of those morning people. I am not sure what went down in the morning but i found myself waking up at 2 in the afternoon when i was supposed to wake up at 7 in the morning!! WTF!

Now i have some things to explain to my teacher tomorow when i go to school. I hope she´ll believe my story because it´s true. Anyway i gotta go now. Me and my friend are thinking of taking a power walk. See you around bitches!;)


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