Febbs, is that really you?!

"Hmm. think i have seen that girl before but don´t remember where.
Wait a minute, Isn´t that
Louise Carlstedt a.k.a Febbs?!

Those were the words that came from my mouth when i saw her 2 days ago in town. Haha. I saw her with her friend in one of those H&M butiques where me and my friend were shopping. She was looking cute and fabbs as usual. I thought of saying hi to her but i didnt since she was having a day out with her friend.

Anyways, this was the look she had on that day.

Postat av: mikico

Hey Yollande! Yeah, sure I can help you with how to make your design look like that, but first I like to ask: "How familiar are you with Photoshop?"

And do you have your account for your blogg at blogg.se?


2010-08-02 @ 15:27:46
URL: http://mikico.blogg.se/
Postat av: Nina


Nous vous invitons à un voyage au cœur de la création A Little Market du 19 Juillet au 10 octobre 2010. Grâce à votre passion pour la mode et à votre expertise, vous saurez indéniablement détecter les perles de demain, la "it collection" du moment... c'est en tous cas le défi que nous vous proposons en partenariat avec Puretrend et Wikio.

Pour cela rendez vous sur ce lien: http://www.alittlemarket.com/concours.php

A très vite, nous n'attendons plus que vous!


2010-08-03 @ 14:10:16
URL: http://www.alittlemarket.com/concours.php
Postat av: Cassandra

Gud vilken häftig jacka/kavaj du har! :D

2010-08-04 @ 14:51:54
URL: http://elfmaaaan.blogg.se/

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